3 reviews for 67 BLANKETS DK – COLOUR 31 – PURPLE SPLASH

  1. Lina van der Merwe

    Good day I buy my yarn from the Wool Factory in Centurion Jacaranda str and bought many of the Mandela yarn to make different projects and what a pleasure to crochet w8th this yarn, I am in urgent need of the Mandela color 31 to finalize a project X 4 if I can order this online please contact me. Lina

  2. Yolandi Van Der Merwe

    67 BLANKETS DK – COLOUR 31 – PURPLE SPLASH Just love this colour and want to make another project wit it. Is there anyway I can order it directly from you since every shop and online shop is out of stock?

  3. Margaret Filter

    Hi how can I buy this colour online. Bought a ball at the Royal show and need more… live near Piet Retief. Please help!

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