13 reviews for RAEESAH COLOUR 01

  1. Sheerene Moosa

    Review for RAEESAH COLOUR 01
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  2. Thea Bruwer

    Please send me a pricelist on you Raeesah cotton yarn.

  3. hester

    please send prcelist on raeesah cotton yarn

  4. Janice Kotze

    Please send me a price list on your Raeesah cotton and also do you sell 1kg cones of wool or cotton many thanks Janice

  5. Melaney Kotze’

    Review for RAEESAH COLOUR 01
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  6. Ronel Broodryk

    What’s your price and how can I order

  7. Henriette Britz

    Love it. Will it be possible to courier me some to Cape Town. I love to crochet with it and every where I go everyone is out of stock.

  8. Hilmari

    Such a “clean” cotton yarn!!

  9. Michelle Wiese

    Love this yarn . Please send me a price list?

  10. Trish Robarts

    I would like to buy some Raeesah 100% cotton yarn. Can I order on line? Do you have an outlet in Durban?

  11. Marie

    Lookimg for a soft peach. Lighter than 49
    I would also like a pricelist

  12. Petro Duvenhage


    The price on youre Raeesah?
    Can I order online and if how?
    Is there a minimum to order?


  13. Rebecca

    I’m a business owner in namibia,how do I order your products

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